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"Bad shit happens when good people do nothing." - Izzy

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i love this fucking quote so fucking much

me and the bae

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There are three types of episodes/scenes on Supernatural….




  1. Actually scary episodes that give you nightmares or make you at least a little scared of the dark. image
  2. Episodes that break your hearts with feels b/c of all the drama in Sam and Dean’s life. image
  3. Episodes or scenes that make no sense what-so-ever and we all wonder what the writers were smoking by that point but we still love those episodes most of all. image

That’s it, that’s the whole damned show

Its beautiful

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Bates Motel S02 + Dylan looking pretty

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Dean Winchester +Cute Moments  in ( season 8 )

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the walking dead family in season1

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Zayn Malik: Kim Kardashian Hollywood Edition (insp.)

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